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According to his assumptions, the events told by Homer did not take place in the Mediterranean area, as the tradition asserts, but rather in the seas of Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea and the Northern Atlantic.The theory is also supported by William Mullen, professor at Bard College.The characters are often covered with thick cloaks and are never described as sweating because of the heat.The newcomers would have founded the Mycenaean cities (the most ancient Mycenaean graves are rich in amber, a typical Baltic product, whereas the latest ones are not) and would have named them with the names of their previous settlements in Scandinavia, although not exactly in correspondence of their location, because of the physical differences between the two areas.His thesis is not confirmed by convincing archeological proofs: as results from the excavation, the Baltic coasts were populated by Neolithic cultures, using ceramic crockery and not bronze objects, at the time suggested by Vinci.Read PhantomPDF tutorial and learn more about how to edit pdf files.

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Several expressions, typical of oral tradition, are thought to have developed when the poems were first written down, mingled with others representing a previous age.

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Both in Homeric poems and among the Vikings it is possible to find similar features regarding traditions, mythology and literature.INCREASED SPEED Twice - - is the right place for every Ebook Files.From the third edition (2002), the book has been introduced by a famous Italian Homeric scholar, Rosa Calzecchi Onesti.

The identification of Colchis in the Black Sea and of Aeaea in the Tyrrhenian Sea would force to hypothesize for the Argonauts an improbable itinerary by ship in Continental Europe, along the rivers Danube, Po and Rhone.Felice Vinci started reading Greek classics and learned about a passage from the De facie quae in orbe lunae apparet, by Plutarch, which points out the location of Ogygia.Omero, Iliade, VI, 466-473 (versione di Rosa Calzecchi Onesti, Giulio Einaudi Editore Spa, Torino).The book, translated into several languages, submits a revolutionary idea about the geographical setting of the Iliad and Odyssey.

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Therefore, the Trojan war would not have taken place around the 13th century BC, as it is normally thought, but around the 18th century BC.

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Download as PDF, TXT or read online. a cura di Rosa Calzecchi Onesti, adattata da New Testament Greek.The climate described by Homer is cold and stormy: mist and wind often appear and storms are heavy.Invented by Adobe Systems and perfected over more than 25 years, Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for electronic document exchange.

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According to Vinci, these might have survived even in such a long period of time (more than 2.000 years).The Iliad, the Odyssey and the Migration of Myth, translation by Amalia De Francesco, 2006), Russian, German, Swedish, Estonian, Danish and Lithuanian.Homeric poems have been subjected to probably deep variations during the centuries of oral transmission.

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Omero, Iliade, traduzione di Rosa Calzecchi Onesti. 1 like. Book.

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View The Iliad Research Papers on for free. G. Paduano, R.

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During their migration, they would have brought with themselves their traditional oral tales, which were poetic sagas set in their original homeland.Testo latino a fronte PDF Author: Publio Virgilio Marone Subject.Temistocle Calzecchi Onesti was een Italiaans natuurkundige en uitvinder.What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Wikidata item Cite this page.


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According to Vinci, the ancient Troy used to rise on the top of a hill, surrounded by two rivers ( Simoeis and Scamander which join in the plain below, today flooded, a few kilometers from the sea.Iliade. 363 likes. versione di Rosa Calzecchi Onesti 1950 Giulio Einaudi Editore.Data di rilascio: 15-11-1993 Autore: Rosa Calzecchi Onesti Editore: Piemme Formato disponibile: PDF, ebook, epub, textbook, kindle.

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The navigation would be instead the memory of an ancient counter-clockwise circumnavigation of Scandinavia starting from the Baltic Sea, crossing Lapponia overland along the rivers which run through it and reaching Lofoten, where Aeaea had been identified.

Il filo di Arianna: Iliade, canto VI°, 466-479